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Feature Rich Ecommerce

8 Price Groups
Members login for special pricing, VIP prices etc

Inventory Management
Stock levels tracked and can monitor inwards goods, and back dated reports.

Freight Options
Lots of ways to calculate freight, and integration with several couriers.

Product Variations
Add size/colour/options with optional stock tracking and price variations.

Repeat Orders
Customers can easily login to repeat a previous order.

Use our web based POS so your show room is always in sync with online orders.

Multi Currency
Set fixed exchange rates, and sales tax too.

Loyalty Points
Customers can earn loyalty points under a scheme you control.

All Payment Options
Payment options can include many different payment gateways, online banking or cheque payment..

Vouchers, Coupon Discounts
Enter coupon codes to get a discount, or set automatic discounts based on rules. Sell or redeem vouchers.

Multi View Photos
All products can have multi view thumbnails that zoom to a slideshow gallery

Product Info Tabs
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